Planning Process Timeline

A new planning grant from the Department of Neighborhoods will support a park planning process for Thornton Creek Park #1, October 2010 through Summer 2011.  Here are the phases (all dates approximate):

Late October: Advertise for proposals from Planning and Landscape firms

November: Receive proposals and examine them, define short list

Late November:  Presentations from shortlisted firms

December: Announcement of award of the planning contract, signing of a contract between the  Friends of Thornton Creek Park #1  and the landscape planning firm.


February 2011:  Begin series of three public meetings for input of ideas, concerns and support for the future of the Park.  Meetings will be two months apart.  Tentative location: North Neighborhood Service Center conference room, 12525 28th Ave NE (2nd Floor), Lake City — in the Lake City Library building.

Summer 2011:  Presentation of Final Plan for Thornton Creek Park #1 to the public and the Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation.

This document has been funded in part by the Neighborhood Matching Fund Program of the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods. The information contained herein does not necessarily reflect the policies, plans, beliefs, conclusions, ideas, etc., of the City of Seattle. The City does not warrant the accuracy of any of the information, ideas, conclusions, etc., contained in this document.


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