Public Meeting Votes Results, May 31

At the second public meeting (May 31) for input on the grant for planning for Thornton Creek Park #1, Peggy Gaynor of GAYNOR, Inc. presented planning alternatives both for potential trails and overlooks into or along the edge of the Park, and for forest restoration.

After considerable discussion, votes were taken and tallied on the alternatives for trails and habitat restoration.  The results of the votes favored limited trails and favored forest restoration in all the areas presented.

The final public meeting is scheduled for Thursday July 28  6:30 – 8:30 PM at St Matthew Parish Conference Rooms, 1240 NE 127th Street, Seattle WA 98125.  We will see and discuss the plans that will be presented to the Department of Parks and Recreation for approval.  All are encouraged to attend.

This document has been funded in part by the Neighborhood Matching Fund Program of the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods. The information contained herein does not necessarily reflect the policies, plans, beliefs, conclusions, ideas, etc., of the City of Seattle. The City does not warrant the accuracy of any of the information, ideas, conclusions, etc., contained in this document.


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