Peggy Gaynor receives honor

Friends of Thornton Creek Park #1 (the Park is now named Licorice Fern Nature Area on Thornton Creek) is very proud to announce that our landscape architect Peggy Gaynor ( ) has been named a Fellow of the American Society of Landscape Architects. Peggy is currently carrying out our contract for planning and design for the future of the Park.
My first interest in the work of Peggy Gaynor came when I visited the newly-opened Meadowbook Park across the street from Meadowbrook Community Center. Incorporating a sound dish for the concentration of natural sounds and a retention pond (click for photo of this project). It was the most innovative park I had ever seen. I didn’t know who had designed this park, but I wanted to find out.  So I tucked the thought in the back of my mind.
Over the years I heard of the work being done at what was to become Victory Creek Park — the first success along the eighteen miles of Thornton Creek. Finally, with the daylighting of Thornton Creek at Northgate, a friend saw a beaver swimming in the reawakened Creek while walking out of the movie theater. Behind a great many of these projects, Peggy Gaynor.
—- Anita Fisk for Friends of Thornton Creek Park #1.       


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