Exciting and Fun Work Party — Saturday the 26th

What: You are invited to our fun workparty Saturday, May 26th. 10am-2pm at the Natural Area.
Who: Friends of LFNA (that’s us), The Nathan Hale HS Earth Corps superstars, neighbors + YOU!  Any volunteer who can stay a minimum of 1 hour is welcome. Kids of any age are welcomed and will be given age-appropriate tasks.
Tools and gloves: Provided, although extra wheel barrels and pick axes are welcome.
Agenda: remove invasives, plant native species, trail maintenance, tend to recently planted shrubs and trees, general clean-up.
Where: Main trail entrance area.  1100 NE 130th St.  Take NE 130th Street off 15th Avenue NE, and drive past the DeadEnd sign to the bottom of the hill.  Parking is available on side streets.  Register under the blue canopy.
RSVP: Not required UNLESS you will bring a total of 3 or more people. If so, rsvp via email to Kelly@AllyVideo.com.
Catered Meals?: Sorry, you have to bring your own. We’ll have bottled water and snacks.
“Fun”…Really? : We typically have music, take a few breaks, have surprise snacks, cold sodas or even cold beer upon finishing-up 🙂


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