Success! Day of Caring Workparty

Over 30 eager volunteers from Moss-Adams  and Nordstrom worked hard at Licorice Fern on  September 21, improving our Natural Area. They participated in United Way’s “Day of Caring”, and they did care.
First we walked the trails to orient everyone to our creek and woods.  Then the work began.

One team spent hours clearing wetland invasives to make way for new plants later this fall.  The weather was perfect for work in the cool creekside woods. After clearing the invasive reed canary grass they spread cardboard and wood chips to prevent the reed canary grass from regrowing. In that area will go wetland loving plants like black twinberry, sedges, and skunk cabbage.

A second team attacked a new less-wet area that was choked with ivy.  The pulling and piling exposed the native salmonberry and indian plum that will now flourish with less competition.  Also cleared was a giant cedar stump that now shows its native red huckleberry shrubs growing out of the top.
Other teams moved compost heaps, installed a new 1100-gallon cistern for summer watering of new plants, and hauled wood chips down to the wetland clearings.

Then the delivery of delicious lunches arrived, making for a welcome break at midday. Then more work completed in the afternoon, a job well done.
Our small neighborhood crew was grateful for the energetic help of the visiting volunteers.  We hope they will be back next September to admire the results of their work.


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