Help us Plant — Two Saturdays

Hello Neighbors,

Do come down and work with us:

WHEN? Saturdays March 1 and March 8 10AM-1PM we’ll be working on planting trees and shrubs, and placing wood chips around our plantings to control weeds and hold moisture for the coming dry summer.

WHY?  We have about 100 potted plants and trees that need to go in the ground this Spring. They will grow for tens to hundreds of years creating a new native forest for us and the wildlife.

HOW?  We have all the tools, and we know where the trees and shrubs should be planted.  You come with your energy, no experience needed.

WHERE?  1100 NE 130th Street, 2 blocks off 15th Avenue NE. The trail entrance is at the bottom of the hill on NE 130th Street, 1 block from the top-of-hill parking.   Maps here.

PRE-REGISTER — Not required, we just want your participation.  For Saturday March 1 register here.  For Saturday March 8 register here.

I look forward to working with you.

 Dass Adams     Chair, Friends of Licorice Fern Natural Area on Thornton Creek

206-227-3864   LFNA entrance in June


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