Final Plan Document Goes Live

Read the Plan for Licorice Fern Natural Area online here  or read details about how the plan came about here .  We are proud to have completed the planning process with this final plan approved by the Department of Parks and Recreation.  Check out pages 19-24 which outline the steps we need to take to restore LFNA’s forest and wildlife habitat.  Join us in implementing this far-reaching plan, likely to be a 20-year effort.   Email:  LFNAFriends  @


Licorice Fern Neighborhood Party Report

Saturday October 15th —  No rain, spotty sun and friendly faces all around, as neighbors from all sides of Licorice Fern Natural Area converged at the trailhead for hot dogs, neighborhood chitchat and a walk through the woods. Kelly had his gas grill (on his driveway area) pumping out dogs ‘n’ brats, people brought snacks and drinks to share. Dogs sniffed, children played, and boys threw things, while Dass, Linda and Bob from “Friends” provided hand-outs and info about restoration plans for the ravine. 
Someone said — “it feels like a new neighborhood gathering spot was born.”

Work Party by University Prep 7th-Graders

7th-grade students from the University Prep Middle School have adopted 3 distinct “Puma Power Zones” of Licorice Fern Natural Area and are making a big difference already. So far they have had one work party and two more are planned for this winter. Early in October, 26 students and three teachers joined “Friends of Licorice Fern Natural Area” volunteers and two hard-working Parks employees for a Community Services work party.  Together they removed invasive species such as blackberry, holly and english ivy, built on-site compost towers for debris, added wood chips to maintenance trails, and cleared a street-side drainage ditch. U-Prep’s next steps will be to plant and nurture some native trees in the Puma Power Zones under the direction of Friends volunteers. If you’re interested in participating please send us an email at

The Public Planning Process Is Complete

At the third and final public meeting (July 28) for input on the grant for planning for Thornton Creek Park #1, Peggy Gaynor of GAYNOR, Inc. presented her synthesis of the alternatives for trails and overlooks into or along the edge of the Park, and for forest restoration
Next she will compile the background data, the planning history, and the final recommended plans into a final report.  In a future meeting with the Department of Parks and Recreation, she will present the report for approval by the Department, which could ask for significant changes.

 Once a final report is approved, the Friends will produce a number of paper copies to be placed in libraries and schools, and made available to neighbors who request them, while supplies last.

This document has been funded in part by the Neighborhood Matching Fund Program of the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods. The information contained herein does not necessarily reflect the policies, plans, beliefs, conclusions, ideas, etc., of the City of Seattle. The City does not warrant the accuracy of any of the information, ideas, conclusions, etc., contained in this document.

Final Public Meeting for Planning – Thursday 27 July

All are urged to attend the third public planning meeting for Thornton Creek Park #1, recently renamed “Licorice Fern Natural Area on Thornton Creek”.  We will be meeting in the usual place, the conference rooms at St.Matthew Parish, 1270 NE 127th Street, Seattle, at 6:30PM Thursday 27 July.

Based on comments from that meeting Peggy Gaynor will prepare the final plan proposal to the Parks Department, and eventually there will be a formal plan document available.

Hope to see everyone Thursday.

Peggy Gaynor receives honor

Friends of Thornton Creek Park #1 (the Park is now named Licorice Fern Nature Area on Thornton Creek) is very proud to announce that our landscape architect Peggy Gaynor ( ) has been named a Fellow of the American Society of Landscape Architects. Peggy is currently carrying out our contract for planning and design for the future of the Park.
My first interest in the work of Peggy Gaynor came when I visited the newly-opened Meadowbook Park across the street from Meadowbrook Community Center. Incorporating a sound dish for the concentration of natural sounds and a retention pond (click for photo of this project). It was the most innovative park I had ever seen. I didn’t know who had designed this park, but I wanted to find out.  So I tucked the thought in the back of my mind.
Over the years I heard of the work being done at what was to become Victory Creek Park — the first success along the eighteen miles of Thornton Creek. Finally, with the daylighting of Thornton Creek at Northgate, a friend saw a beaver swimming in the reawakened Creek while walking out of the movie theater. Behind a great many of these projects, Peggy Gaynor.
—- Anita Fisk for Friends of Thornton Creek Park #1.       

Park Renamed “Licorice Fern N.A.”

The new official name for our Thornton Creek Park #1 is “Licorice Fern Natural Area on Thornton Creek”.   This was announced in a Parks news release this way:

Licorice Fern Natural Area on Thornton Creek is adjacent to the Jackson Park Golf course to the west. It is bordered by NE 130th St. to the south and 10th Ave. NE to the west. It follows the creek northeasterly toward NE Brockman Pl. It is a predominately wooded ravine providing rich wildlife habitat on the North Branch of Thornton Creek. Licorice Ferns are abundant and unique to this area. 

We will switch to the new name for our community organization “Friends of Thornton Creek Park #1” after the conclusion of our planning grant phase, around October 2011.